Moving Tips

From the Long Island Moving Experts

Don't begin the daunting task of moving blind! Here are some helpful tips gathered from our 29 years of experience as a leading Long Island moving company. Our tips can save you time, money, and a lot of hassle during the moving process.

Our moving tips include:

  • Keep your phone service active on moving day.
  • Arrange for your children or pets to be cared for by a relative or friend.
  • Order your box delivery in advance so you can get started packing early.
  • If you're doing the packing, pace yourself so that everything is packed by the big day. Unboxed items cause annoying delays and extra expenses.
  • Write a destination on each box, and a brief description of the contents on the side of the box. Post signs in the new home that correlate to the box destinations.
  • Large cabinets and desks must be emptied.
  • The morning of the move, pack the contents of your fridge in a cooler or moving box. Make this the last box on the truck and the first one off.
  • Take apart any furniture can such as cribs, headboards, footboards, mirrors attached to dressers, removable table legs, etc.
  • Try to unplug and wind up television/stereo/computer cords, lamps, and shades and disconnect the cable boxes.
  • Don't forget to pack the tray inside the microwave.

It's these little things that add up and can save you money if you take care of them ahead of time. Men on the Move can help you with any of these items that you cannot take care of alone. Contact us at (718) 343-3424 to get started moving!

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