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Moving to Hicksville New York

Moving to Hicksville, New York: A town with character and history

If you're looking to move to Hicksville, New York, you'll find that this Long Island town has plenty to offer the prospective resident. Whether you have your eye on one of its beautiful historic homes or want to settle down in the midst of one of its nearby townships, Hicksville will soon feel like home, no matter what you're looking for in your next place to live. As you prepare to move to this gorgeous part of New York, check out some of these landmarks and historical facts about the lovely town of Hicksville, NY!

A Brief History of Hicksville

Hicksville is a city in Nassau County on Long Island. The town was originally settled by Quakers in the 18th century. Most of the townsfolk worked for one of the three major horticultural nurseries that resided there. These nurseries shipped produce all over the country until the 1930s, when they went out of business.


In 1953, residents of Hicksville campaigned for incorporation. They felt that being incorporated would make the community more effective than if it was governed by the Town of Oyster Bay. There were 6,242 signatures for incorporation on a petition circulated among residents at this time; however, these plans failed, and Hicksville remains an unincorporated part of Oyster Bay to this day (as of 2022).

The People of Hicksville

As of the 2010 census, there were 41,547 residents. There are 13,412 households, with 35.7% having children under 18 living with them and 63.1% being married couples. Ten percent are single mothers with no husbands present, and twenty-one point three percent are non-families. Thirty-four percent of homes were individuals or a one-person household who was 65 years old or older; an average house size of 3.09 persons per home, while families averaged at 3.47 people in each house due to more than one family member living within those boundaries.

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