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At Men On The Move, we provide secure and safe vault storage services to ensure your furniture and belongings are in good care during the transition between selling your old home and purchasing a new one. Our state-of-the-art warehouse facility is located conveniently on Long Island in Nassau County, with 24-hour surveillance providing peace of mind. We take pride in maintaining a spotlessly clean warehouse that is secure and easy to access whenever needed.

What Makes A Great Storage Company?

  1. A great vault storage company will have an excellent customer service team that is always available to answer any questions or address any concerns.
  2. They should also provide secure access to their vaults and cutting-edge security technology, like biometric identification, encryption, and video surveillance.
  3. They should also offer flexible storage plans and payment options to meet the needs of different customers.
  4. The storage company should also maintain a high safety, sanitation, and hygiene standard for its premises and the items stored within its vaults.
  5. Furthermore, the staff at a great vault storage company should be knowledgeable about storing various types of items, from artworks to documents, in order to protect them from damage or theft adequately.

Why Using Storage Is Ideal:

Using storage can be beneficial during a home sale or purchase, especially when there is time between the two. Having items stored in a secure and reliable location ensures you won't have to worry about the items being moved around unnecessarily or damaged during transit. It also allows you to make an orderly move without feeling rushed or disorganized.

8 Types of Moving & Vault Storage Services:

  1. Household moving services – these provide a comprehensive service, from packing and loading items onto the truck to delivering them to the final destination and unpacking.
  2. Portable storage solutions – often used for short-term storage needs in between moves or during renovations, involves delivery of a portable container which can then be loaded and picked up at a later date.
  3. Full-service packing and unpacking services – professionals pack your items using specialized supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, etc., ensuring they are properly secured during transit.
  4. Specialty moving services – explicitly tailored to meet the needs of those requiring special care when transporting art, antiques, delicate instruments, fragile furniture pieces, etc.
  5. Document management & secure storage solutions – confidential documents require extra protection when being moved or stored away; often involves archiving materials securely within an on-site or off-site facility that trained staff members manage.
  6. Industrial warehousing services – many warehouses offer industrial goods movement as well as long-term storage solutions for larger products or equipment such as pallets, skids, machinery components, containers, and so forth; allows customers to outsource their inventory control needs to trained specialists who will take full responsibility of managing it safely on behalf of the customer organization.
  7. Commercial relocation services – specializing in office move logistics; includes not just transportation but also help with disassembling cubicles and fixtures before reassembly in the new location (and everything in between).
  8. Climate-controlled storage units - Ideal for sensitive items such as family heirlooms/photo albums that need extra protection against environmental factors like humidity & temperature fluctuations; helps protect possessions against potential damage caused by weather elements over time without costing a fortune

Why Choose Men On The Move Over Other Our Competitors for Your Storage Needs:

When choosing Men On The Move for your storage needs, you are making the decision to entrust us with something precious - your belongings! We strive to provide the highest level of service when it comes to storing your furniture and possessions, with 24-hour surveillance of our newly built facility guaranteeing security and peace of mind. Our spotlessly clean warehouse is also conveniently located on Long Island in Nassau County, so accessing your items will always be a breeze! And best of all, our estimates are free! So why wait? Reserve your unit today from Men On The Move!
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When choosing Men On The Move for your Moving & Storage needs, you are choosing over 3 decades of experience and quality. As repeat winners of distinguished awards such as the Angie's List Super Service Award and the Best of Long Island Award, you can trust Men On The Move with your valuable possessions!
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